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Designing Third Party Billing with Ease

Millions of packages are shipped each day by many carriers, including yours as a 3PL shipper. But with multiple customers, not all shipments are handled the same way between you and the carrier. Sometimes a shipment belongs to your contracted account with a carrier, but sometimes the customer requires their account and rates to be utilized. It's a surprisingly complex problem, especially when trying to scale automation.

For the last three years, Shipium has provided the best automation technology around selecting the right carrier for the right shipment, every time. Now, configurable billing can be easily automated as well with our Third Party Billing capability, which allows granular configurations for customers to swiftly identify third party billing accounts for shipment costs, allowing seamless shipment flow. It’s proof why our customers choose Shipium for our world class configurability and industry-leading platform to manage the essential requirements.

It’s easy to manage

Shipium customers have the flexibility to implement third party billing carrier accounts into the Shipium Console. Nothing additional is required, making for an easy configuration.

To set up Third Party Billing, you need your carrier’s shipping contract with account number, billing city and zip code. You’ll then configure your console as follows:

  • Go to the carrier
  • Add a new third party carrier account
    • A boolean flag option is available to automatically consider carrier and service methods for specific accounts
  • Link the new Third Party Billing account with that carrier to your intended origins 

You’re all set! Your Third Party Billing requires the simple addition of your established contracts into the Shipium platform, and returns a smooth, established API workflow.

24/7 third party shipping and billing needs

Ecommerce is constantly evolving and demands are getting greater and requiring modern, nimble technology that’s ready for execution. The need to manage financial administration with operations automation continues to be an important challenge.

You may be a 3PL that warehouses products for many customers in one or more fulfillment centers. The billing permutations can get out of hand quickly. Some customers might want to use your rates for one carrier but their rates for a different carrier, and furthermore use the cheaper rate between the two from one warehouse but not other warehouses. 

Or you may be an online marketplace that provides a selling platform for your merchants. In this case, you’re constantly juggling numerous orders with many potential pickup locations and destinations plus demand for quick, reliable and affordable delivery. You could use your negotiated carrier rates or your merchant may prefer to use their own. Meeting your customers' requests can be hard! With Shipium, it's easy to map and automate billing accounts based on all these variations.

Get started

Shipium helps many companies orchestrate their supply chain needs with our modern, state-of-the-art technology. Let us help you gain control and articulate your Third Party Billing design by connecting with us today.