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Anurag Allena / June 17, 2024 / Product

Make More Accurate, Profitable Delivery Promises Using Transit Data

Most digital customer experience leaders already know that offering a competitive delivery promise is a proven way to increase cart conversion and average order value (AOV). But — it’s critical that your shipping operations teams can keep your promise at a reasonable cost for the business. Too often, digital experience teams and shipping ops teams are disconnected, especially when it comes to the sharing of important data that can inform a more accurate delivery promise.
Anurag Allena / June 11, 2024 / Company

Meet the Future of Shipping: An Introduction to Closed-Loop Parcel

The world of parcel shipping has changed dramatically in recent years. Network complexity and customer expectations are both higher than ever. Amazon Prime has raised the bar for performance across the board, to the point that today’s customers now expect fast, low-cost, transparent shipping options. In fact, this has become such a deeply ingrained preference that shipping is now the 2nd-greatest driver of ecommerce growth, behind only price.
Kris Gösser / June 6, 2024 / Company

Shipium Recognized in the 2024 Gartner® Market Guide™ for Multi-Carrier Parcel Management Solutions

This week Gartner just released their 2024 Market Guide for Multi-Carrier Parcel Management Solutions. The Market Guide provides an overview of market trends and industry vendors. Our platform was recognized with a focus on our product Carrier Selection which handles rate shopping, label management, shipping operations, and several other features covered in the guide.
Mike Edwards / May 22, 2024 / Company

Ecosystems are the Future of Supply Chain Technology

We returned from three conferences in two weeks with an enthused perspective about the future of supply chain technology.
Anurag Allena / May 20, 2024 / Product

How Shipium can Help You Adapt to Macro-environmental Changes

As most operators know, USPS is undertaking a broad initiative called “Delivering for America” in an effort to improve both struggling financials and overall efficiency. As part of this, USPS is changing shipping partner deals with carriers like UPS, Pitney Bowes, DHL etc. to decrease last-mile shipping costs.
Anurag Allena / May 8, 2024 / Product

How Shipium's Platform-Wide Data Modeling Powers More Efficient, Scalable Operations

To truly modernize shipping operations and optimize for costs and performance, you need to look at all available data. This means both gaining leverage over your own data (historical transit times, carrier contracts & cost structures etc.) as well as considering outside data that impacts your network (weather patterns, unexpected carrier changes, macroeconomic factors like fuel prices.)
Anurag Allena / April 12, 2024 / Product

Make a Prime-Like Delivery Promise Part of Your Digital Customer Experience Strategy

As a retailer, it’s probably no secret to you that online shopping is a cornerstone of your digital customer experience strategy. In fact, you’ve probably already invested significant time and money to improve your brand’s shopping experience (streamlined website, personalized offers and product recommendations etc.) However, like most retailers or brands, you’re likely also facing a broader problem — customers’ expectations for the shipping experience have evolved much faster than your technology and strategy.
Anurag Allena / April 2, 2024 / Product

How to Use Predictive Analytics to Make Smarter Supply Chain Decisions

Your shipping network generates a wealth of data that can be used to de-risk process decisions. Most organizations are already making use of detailed reporting and analytics to understand historical performance and costs — but in the age of predictive analytics, that’s not enough to keep operations on par with more technologically advanced competitors.
Anurag Allena / March 25, 2024 / Product

Replace Your Legacy Logistics Software to Transform Supply Chain Performance

Companies like Amazon couldn’t have made fast, low-cost shipping the industry standard without rethinking the technology they used to power operations. The limitations of incumbent on-premise software were getting in the way of the ability to accurately analyze patterns, shop for rates, optimize packaging and much more.
Anurag Allena / March 15, 2024 / Product

Use Economy Shipping Methods to Lower Costs with Shipium's Dynamic Time-in-Transit Model

Efficient and cost-effective shipping methods like UPS Mail Innovations, FedEx SmartPost / Ground Economy, and DHL Ecommerce enable you to diversify shipping options for customers, increase margins or pass savings on to customers, improve the sustainability of shipping operations, and more. Here’s the problem: because of the absence of SLAs and general performance unpredictability, shippers don’t leverage these options as often as they could (or should).