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Delivery Promise

Increase revenue with reliably fast shipping

Shipium boosts conversion and loyalty by providing accurate and aggressive estimated delivery dates on retail websites.

New Top Mistakes When Picking a Shipping Platform
Make a competitive delivery promise you can keep
Buy it today, get it
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Providing a Delivery Promise to customers

Better customer experiences

Make a competitive delivery promise you can keep

Improve the shopping experience with pre-purchase delivery estimates on product pages and checkout workflows.

Promote fast shipping

Consumers have more choices than ever before, and choose where to shop online based on experience as much as anything else. Turns out the shipping experience is half the shopping experience. Shipium makes you more competitive.

6% Conversion Boost

Industry data shows ecommerce conversion rates go up 6 basis points when promoting fast and free shipping ahead of purchase. If your conversion rate is an industry standard 2.5%, how much is 2.65% worth to you?

Eliminate shipping anxiety

Consumers are more likely to purchase if they know when to expect delivery of their order. Transparent and precise delivery dates perform better than generic date ranges.

24% Abandon Cart without a Date

ComScore reported that shipping anxiety caused almost a quarter of customers to abandon an ecommerce purchase.

Promise reliable delivery dates

Customers are more likely to come back for repeat purchases or recommend a website to a friend if they get a shipment when it was promised.

46% Will Never Come Back

Almost half of consumers switched brands during the Covid-19 pandemic due to a poor delivery experience.

Customer Success Story

"We now have the premium shipping experience to complement our incredible shopping experience that sets Saks OFF 5TH up to be an ecommerce leader."

— Shivi Shankaran, Chief Operating Officer

How Delivery Promise Works

Customers add accurate estimated delivery dates to their ecommerce stores through our API-first platform.

Show an estimated delivery date on your product description page

Tell customers the fastest and most accurate date they can receive the product being viewed to help boost store conversion rates.

  • Home
  • Women's
  • Hand Bags
  • Maris St. Peter
Example ecommerce product visual 1
Example ecommerce product visual 2
Example ecommerce product visual 1 - large
Example ecommerce product visual 2 - large
Uptown Cassandra Leather Bag with Strap
Maris St. PeterExclusive
Or 4 payments of $123.75
Clean lines and an understated style beautifully enhance this classic shoulder bag from Maris St. Peter's iconic Uptown line.
Example style white
Example style blue
Example style black
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Each customer sees an estimated delivery date based on their location relative to inventory position for maximum personalization and conversion increase.

Customer segmentation

Premium customer program? No problem. Utilize our APIs to show different dates to different users based on your organization and segmentation of your customers.

Backorder management

Our APIs support giving estimated delivery dates for future product releases, while still keeping all personalization or segmentation needs in place.

Subscription management

Subscription-based businesses can utilize our APIs to give estimated delivery dates based on a customer's current or future subscription schedule.

Show estimated delivery dates during the checkout process

Communicate to customers the delivery dates for each product in the cart, split out by shipment origin, or as one big order—it's your option to customize based on your workflow.


Example ecommerce product visual 1

Uptown Cassandra Leather Bag with Strap (White)

Maris St. Peter


Qty: 1

Select a Delivery Option:


Example ecommerce product visual 2

Herringbone Cashmere Sweater (S)

Emma De Fleur


Qty: 1

Example ecommerce product visual 3

Mirrored Lavarock Women's Sunglasses



Qty: 1

Select a Delivery Option:

Payment Method

Visa ending in 3049


Shipping Address

4261 Hazel Street
Seattle, WA 98168


Order Summary

Items (3)

Customizable date displays

If a customer is checking out with multiple products, break out delivery date estimates based on SKUs, shipping origins, availability dates, or as one consolidated order.

Manage splits

Shipping different products from different warehouses? No problem. Our APIs help you manage splits and communicate separate delivery dates during checkout.

Full control, extensive options

You can customize the experience. We simply return a date via an API call. You are not forced to use a design or widget that doesn't fit your brand experience.

Tie promises to orders

Once a customer checks out, pass the promised delivery dates as order properties and Shipium will make sure the promise is kept with Carrier Selection.

Superior data modeling

Dates are stochastically modeled for unmatched speed and accuracy

Using millions of datapoints, the Shipium platform delivers the most accurate estimated delivery date in the business.

Calibrated to your network

All warehouse or store origins are setup on the platform, and configured to your exact network properties. Our dates are more accurate because we know important details like carrier pull times or days of operation.


Shared scale across transit data

Millions of shipments run through our AI / ML models to give maximum confidence on what will happen, not what could happen.

Example carriers with a Delivery Promise

Carrier-specific understanding

Our modeling knows the probable speed of every carrier and method within your network from every ZIP to every other ZIP. The granularity provides additional customization benefits to fit your specific needs.


Augmented by a global transportation team

The eventual estimate is then adjusted based on a centralized transportation team that accounts for macro conditions, like a blizzard in Chicago or carrier delay bulletins.

Cloud delivery

The Power of the Platform

Shipium brings the advantages of the cloud to those stuck on legacy systems.
Customers love making the switch.

Availability, scalability, reliability

Cloud technology is all about performance benefits. Shipium brings the type of modern elasticity and dependability you've come to appreciate to fulfillment technology.

Scaling the cloud infrastructure for a Delivery Promise

Enterprise response times

Website performance is essential to customer experience. Millions of dollars can depend on milliseconds of speed. Delivery Promise is built to service enterprise-grade customer experiences.

API response times for Delivery Promise

Rightsized for your network

Deep configuration capabilities ensures Delivery Promise adjusts to your needs

Making a promise you can keep means estimated delivery dates shown to customers must conform to your specific network.

Set pull times

  • By Origin — Define multiple pickup times by warehouse or store
  • By Carrier — Set pickup times at the carrier level
  • By Method — Or between different service levels
  • By Customer — If you are a 3PL or manage a multi-tenant structure in your warehouse, set pull times based on a given customer regardless of carrier or method

Define policies

  • Warehouse operating days
  • Holiday closures
  • Carrier conditions
  • Custom policies

Keep the Promise You Made

Competing on fast, free, and on-time shipping requires follow through, or else your profits will shrink and loyalty will dwindle. Are you making sure your promises are being kept?

An end-to-end premium experience

Delivery Promise pairs well with Fulfillment Engine and Carrier Selection. When combined, promises made to customers before purchase are carried through to order routing and shipping execution decisions. The results are ensuring delivery dates are always hit and shipping costs are always reduced.

Intelligence to power your program

Offering fast and free shipping requires you to manage regular tradeoffs between speed and cost, which is impossible to do without the right technology in place. Our suite of tools works best with the addition of Shipium Intelligence, our analytics product that puts financial performance of your network at the forefront.

Following through on your Delivery Promise

Want to see how Shipium works?

Schedule a demo. Our team is happy to answer any questions or provide you an example of our capabilities.