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The network that carriers wish you used

Shipium's pre-integrated carrier network is the industry's solution to slow rollouts and bad experiences. Carriers love it when you choose Shipium to be a technology partner.

"Shipium has developed an impressive solution to help businesses deliver based on consumer needs."

— Guy Gemmill, President and Co-Founder

"Partnering to combine our technologies gives brands a fighting chance to compete with delivery speeds offered by e-commerce giants like Amazon without sacrificing quality or adding significant costs."

— Adam Bryant, CEO

"We love working with Shipium because we have the confidence that our customers can tap into our network immediately. Everybody wins."

— Michael Curcio, Vice President of Business Development

"Shipper's value working with a trusted partner like LSO, but legacy shipping technology can make it difficult to utilize our superior regional services. We love it when a customer uses Shipium because that means LSO can be immediately used, making the delivery experience better for everyone."

— Steve Toney, Chief Commercial Officer

"With Shipium's state-of-the-art platform, shippers will be able to utilize our network even faster to increase brand loyalty and improve their bottom lines."

— Josh Dinneen, Chief Commercial Officer

"With Shipium, shippers get fast access to a diversified network of carriers. By choosing Pandion, they get an even deeper level of diversification and flexibility through our network of final-mile delivery providers, plus fast, high-quality delivery to 80% of U.S. households, transparent costs with no peak or residential delivery surcharges, and 100% carbon-neutral shipping."

— Scott Ruffin, Founder & CEO

"Shipium is a perfect fit for our innovative solution combining fast delivery with transparent pricing. Both companies know that technology is the backbone for providing the fastest and most cost-effective e-commerce delivery options for forward-thinking retailers today."

— Chris Grey, VP of Business Development

"By partnering with Shipium, Veho customers will be able to maximize these benefits and continue to drive customer lifetime value by offering a superior delivery and returns experience made for the age of e-commerce and enhanced by Shipium's modern shipping software."

— Brian McDevitt, Chief Revenue Officer

"By working closely with Shipium, we can help even more online retailers looking meet consumer demand by making their international shipping process environmentally friendly."

— John Walsh, VP Sales

"Consumer expectations around delivery are unwavering, and e-commerce shippers need partners like Better Trucks to improve speed, accuracy, and costs in order to meet those demands. But all too often, their shipping technology lets them down. They need a modern solution like Shipium to improve time-to-value and diversify carriers."

— Andy Whiting, Co-founder and CEO

"Accurate and speedy delivery has never been more important, but that's hard to match with the rising shipping costs. GLS is a leading option for shippers to balance affordability and delivery experience across the Western U.S. Shipium makes it easy to ensure our customers can use our network immediately. We love it when our customers use Shipium."

— Steven Bergan, President

"We provide a compelling service that helps retailers modernize their delivery experience to consumers. Shipium makes network changes immediate, solving the time-to-value problem that other shipping systems create. Our customers are happier using Shipium with Maergo."

— Peter Sheldon, SVP of Strategy and Growth

"Combining our expertise with extensive network coverage allows us to improve speed and accuracy of deliveries while reducing shipping costs for customers. Shipium is a reliable platform that helps our equally reliable services shine. It's a great partnership."

— James Kelley, President

"The shipping technology at fulfillment locations is an important step to the seamless experience. Shipium is the best technology partner at helping our customers get started as fast as possible."

— Alex Yancher, CEO and Co-founder

"A flexible, integrated final mile partner is essential in today's e-commerce industry. The biggest challenge to customers gaining the value that we provide, is poor time-to-value with legacy technology. Shipium helps our customers adopt TForce Logistics faster, resulting in faster, cheaper, and more accurate shipping than if they were using a single carrier."

— Dean Mills, Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Over 99.2% of all domestic parcel shipments are delivered by carriers in our pre-integrated network

We've got you covered

Shipium powers the multi-carrier strategies and day-to-day shipping operations of enterprise retailers, tech-forward 3PLs, and up-and-coming brands. You can trust that the carriers you need are available on our network.

And free integration when we don't

When a customer requires a new carrier or service not yet available, we integrate it for free. Zero hidden costs, zero complications, zero risk. Our integration roadmap typically has an 8-week SLA for availability.

All national carriers. Essential regional carriers. Disruptive new carriers.
Hundreds of service methods combined to de-risk your network.

Contact our team about our nework coverage

UPS Ready® Certified

Shipium is a trusted UPS Ready® certified partner for high volume shippers

We are the first enterprise technology platform to be certified in under 5 years since being founded. UPS views Shipium as a trusted technology partner, pioneering the shipping industry transformation to cloud based solutions.

Millions of Shipments

Shipium processes millions of annual UPS domestic and international shipments through our platform, with companies as small as startups to as large as Fortune 500 retailers. UPS trusts Shipium to handle the shipments of their most important customers.

Happy Customers

Shipium helps shippers make a promise they can keep with pre-purchase estimated delivery dates, then keep the promise that they made with coordinated shipping execution. Promises are kept with Shipium, as we helped create a 99.1% on-time-delivery result during 2023 peak season.

Latest and Greatest

As a UPS Ready Program partner, all UPS functionality is accessible through Shipium APIs. We work closely with UPS to ensure prioritized access to the best performing UPS technology, including new APIs, resulting in the best modern performance of our customers.

Shipping APIs

Print labels and track shipments with APIs that put developers first

Pre-integrated carriers give developers flexible access to the preferred network for ecommerce shippers. It's easy to integrate our APIs and add label generation or shipment tracking to your tech stack. Crucially, it's even easier to simply swap existing API endpoints for our APIs instead. Switching couldn't be simpler.

Stable Labels

Label generation and management for enterprise scale

        "currencyCode": "usd",
        "generateLabel": true,
        "labelParameters": {
            "testMode": true,
            "currencyCode": "usd",
            "labelFormats": [
            "manifest": true,
            "includeLabelImagesInResponse": true
        "shipmentParameters": {
            "partnerShipmentId": "myCustomPartnerShipmentId123",
            "shipiumShipmentId": "49cf130d-b297-4c12-aa7d-82ea80208fde",
            "orderedDateTime": "2019-10-29T09:12:33.123456Z",
            "shippedDateTime": "2019-11-01T12:11:33Z",
            "shipOption": "company-x-expedited-shipments",
            "referenceIdentifier": "yourCustomIdentifier",
            "shipmentTags": [
            "destinationAddress": {
            "addressType": "residential",
            "name": "Wile E. Coyote",
            "company": "ACME",
            "street1": "123 Warehouse St.",
            "street2": "Suite 42",
            "city": "Albuquerque",
            "state": "NM",
            "countryCode": "US",
            "postalCode": "87121"
            "orderItemQuantities": [
                "productDetails": [
                "productId": "PRODUCTID001",
                "quantity": 3
            "packagingType": {
                "packagingMaterial": "box",
                "linearDimensions": {
                    "linearUnit": "in",
                    "length": 9,
                    "width": 6,
                    "height": 3
                "packagingWeight": {
                    "weight": 6.58,
                    "weightUnit": "lb"
            "totalWeight": {
            "weight": 6.58,
            "weightUnit": "lb"
            "shipFromAddress": {
            "addressType": "commercial",
            "city": "Albuquerque",
            "company": "ACME",
            "countryCode": "US",
            "name": "L. Merfudd",
            "postalCode": "87121",
            "state": "NM",
            "street1": "123 Main St.",
            "street2": "Suite 42"
  • Easily augment labels via a self-service console, or ask our team for help, and include elements like dynamic passed-through data fields
  • Fully customizable ZPL
  • Batch label generation also available
  • Shipment manifests included with label generation
  • All label modifiers (like hazmat) managed for you
  • Return labels also available
Mature Tracking

Normalized shipment tracking for modern operators

    "events": [ // List of events to potentially support notifying in batch
            "metadata": { // The metadata associated with this event
                "eventId": "string", // UUID identifying this event for debugging/idempotency purposes
                "eventTimestamp": "date-time", // UTC timestamp of when this event was generated in our system
                "eventType": "string", // Indicates what event occurred in our system
                "payloadSchemaVersion": "string", // The schema version of this event's payload (major)
                "testEvent": boolean // Indicates if this is a test notification instead of a real event
            "payload": { // The actual event data associated with this event
                // eventType specific payload 
  • Standardized shipment statuses across all carriers helps you normalize your operating model
  • Enterprise SLAs on response times
  • Consistent carrier support means you can consolidate carrier management for both labels and tracking

Carrier Setup

Adding new carriers to your network is an afternoon activity

Secure a business contract between you and a carrier

Shipium does not resell carrier contracts or stand in the way of you and your relationship with a carrier. Instead, we invite customers to bring their own contracts with them, which will be better optimized for their network and shipping profiles.

How to secure a new carrier

Check out our Playbook entry on on the different ways to source a new carrier and secure a business contract.

Upload the contract to your account

Customers have access to self-service tools to adding new carrier contracts and rates to their account. Those who choose to do it themselves can get the process done quickly.

Multi Carrier Rates Configuration

Or work with our support team

We are always happy to help. For customers who prefer, simply send over the new carrier contract to our support team and we will get everything set up for you in no time.

Free dedicated support.
It couldn't be easier.

Flip a switch

With the carrier and service methods ready to go, adding it to your multi-carrier network is easy. Unlike legacy on-premises technology, our centralized cloud model means as soon as the contract is uploaded and its properties are configured, that carrier is immediately available for consideration across all installed locations, such as warehouses and stores.

  • Added carrier immediately propagates to all of your locations using Shipium
  • All logic immediately adjusts to consider the new carrier when eligible
  • Continual further configurations available to manage carrier role out availability
  • Moves you to a multi-carrier strategy

Enterprise support for global shipping with more capabilities being added every month

Shipium currently supports shipping from U.S. and Canadian locations to destinations all over the world. Expansion of origins and destinations are updated monthly. Carrier support includes all major service methods and many more.

For complete coverage availability, contact our team.

  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • USPS
  • DHL
  • Canada Post
  • More

Want to see how Shipium works?

Schedule a demo. Our team is happy to answer any questions or provide you an example of our capabilities.