The Supply Chain Platform for Ecommerce

Improve customer experience while reducing operational costs. It's a whole new era of ecommerce with Shipium.

A playbook for customer-centric supply chains

Shipium is a services-orientated platform providing solutions for the most important ecommerce initiatives.

Increase revenue and loyalty

  • Add a delivery promise
  • Add free shipping
  • Add 2-day shipping
  • Improve communications
  • Add cart threshold promotions
  • Add a subscription delivery program

Decrease costs and risk

  • Automated carrier selection
  • Add a new carrier
  • Add a new FC
  • Dynamic allocation
  • Reduce "WISMO?"
  • Plus dozens more situations

Rapidly adapt operations to changing consumer behavior

I need this tomorrow. Where is the Next Day option?!
OMG, my package came to my apartment a day early and I’m not there. I hope it didn’t get stolen.
The tracking info doesn’t seem to be updating… where is my order?!
Cheaper elsewhere.
I really need to get this before the party this weekend, but I don’t see an expected delivery date. Maybe I’ll check Amazon instead.
I’m already paying $75. Why is there no free shipping option?!
I’m only buying this if I can return it for free.
Bummer...The pair of socks I want aren’t in stock.
70% Expect a 2-day shipping option
78% Expect a free shipping option
83% Expect an accurate delivery purchase
36% Go elsewhere after a bad experience

Shipium is built for ecommerce operators

DTC Omnichannel DNVB Marketplaces Physical Retail Resale Dropshippers
How we help operators

Designed by industry veterans from Amazon and Zulily

The team is responsible for helping build the supply chains powering some of the largest ecommerce companies in the world.

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Your customer experience is your supply chain

Ecommerce companies who invest in their supply chains are investing in CX, which drives loyalty and profit.

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