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End-to-End Shipping Platform

Shipium helps businesses deliver their shipments fast, free, and on-time with the first enterprise shipping platform for modern operators.

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The Prime Problem

Your shipping experience is half your shopping experience

Customers now make purchases based on things that are the responsibility of operations, like shipping speed and convenience. That's impossible without tighter supply chain coordination. Compete for customer purchases and continued loyalty by offering fast, cheap, and on-time shipping with our platform.

of consumers expect a 2-day shipping option SurveyMonkey / Shipium 2020
of consumers expect a free shipping option SurveyMonkey / Shipium 2020
of consumers expect an accurate delivery date SurveyMonkey / Shipium 2020
Integrated platform

A coordinated suite of shipping products to help manage ecommerce fulfillment

We connect and coordinate key moments of the supply chain so that upstream decisions and downstream outcomes are optimized for maximum performance. Customers benefit from our platform's shared scale, which produces faster, cheaper, and more accurate shipping than anyone can achieve on their own.

Coordinating the fragmented ops stack

It's impossible to do any one step well, like shipping an order fast and cheap, without doing all the important steps together.

Flexible APIs fit any existing process

Time-to-value is the best in the industry due to the flexible nature of our APIs making implementation a breeze.

Data modeling powers better decisions

We automate decisions with stochastic modeling based on billions of data points, not static rules and configurations.

Centralized ecosystem benefits everyone

As new partners, like carriers, are connected to Shipium, customers can turn on integrations with no additional costs.

Shipium Carrier Network

Simple APIs to generate labels, manifest, and track shipments

The network that carriers wish you used.

Over 98.5% of all domestic shipments are covered by our pre-integrated carriers. Modern operators move quickly and de-risk their network with the enterprise platform carriers love to work with.

Quantity and Quality
  • Gain access to a collection of pre-integrated carriers for immediate access to the best network for ecommerce shippers.
  • Print labels and track shipments with simple developer friendly APIs.
  • Competitive pricing means costs will never get in the way of innovation.
  • This is the network carriers want you to use. Read their testamonials.

Shipium Delivery Promise

Make a competitive delivery promise you can keep

Customers are more likely to buy if they know when they will get it.

Companies who promise faster or free shipping up front can incrementally improve their cart conversion rates as high as 12%. When paired with the Shipium platform, following through on that promise directly impacts customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

How Delivery Promise works
  • Shipium algorithmically models delivery estimates based on several inputs, including fulfillment network, carrier methods, inventory, and parcel properties.
  • You make an API call to Shipium wherever you want to merchandise a delivery date—e.g., product detail pages or cart checkout workflow.
  • The service returns an estimated date which you display to the customer.

Shipium Fulfillment Engine

Intelligently orchestrate orders and shipments

Constrain on speed, optimize for cost.

Ship the right products to the right customers from the right warehouse or store at the right time to minimize cost and hit your promises. Fulfillment Engine solves order routing's two hardest problems: complicated real-time logical decision making, and harmonizing integration into all required systems.

How Fulfillment Engine works
  • Sits at the intersection of existing systems, like the OMS and WMS.
  • Creates a "cart-level fulfillment plan" that manages all decisions for a given order across your network and systems.
  • Decides which SKUs should be shipped from which nodes based on cost-based optimizations that hit a specific delivery date promise.
  • Handles split shipments.

Shipium Carrier Selection

Select the best shipping method

Cost-based and promise-driven decisions are made automatically.

Outbound shipping is the highest expense on an ecommerce P&L. Selecting the right carrier method is the last—and most important—step to maximizing cost savings while ensuring a delivery promise is kept.

How Carrier Selection works
  • Immediately ingests with your existing carrier contracts. We do not resell rates at a markup, and only work with customers who have their own relationship with carriers.
  • Takes care of all parcel management-level tasks, like label augmentation and manifesting.
  • Context aware of a promised date given to customers, and orients decisions around that constraint. Will pick the cheapest price to hit a given date.
  • Integrates into the WMS or store-level POS to pass down shipping decisions and labels.
  • Data collection from each selection will provide historical reporting on total costs saved, and future recommendations of better carrier options.
Make a competitive delivery promise you can keep
Buy it today, get it
Free Shipping
Optimize order decisions across your network
Pick the best carrier method to hit the promise at the cheapest price
FCReno, NV
3-Day Select $12.98
Ground $8.73 9" x 7" x 6"
Next-Day Air $24.18
2-Day $14.15
Retail Ground $5.76

Customer Success Story

"We now have the premium shipping experience to complement our incredible shopping experience that sets Saks OFF 5TH up to be an ecommerce leader."

— Shivi Shankaran, Chief Operating Officer

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