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Shipium vs Legacy Systems

The modern alternative to your legacy system that gives you back control over your operations

Customers turn to Shipium to connect and coordinate their fragmented shipping tech, improve customer experience with accurate deliver dates, and dramatically reduce costs.

Average parcel spend reduction across Shipium customers using Carrier Selection
Average checkout conversion improvement across Shipium customers using Delivery Promise
Downtime in 2023 across all Shipium customers on the Platform

It's not your fault

The legacy system you use has had little innovation since it was installed. Combined with gutted support teams, your existing shipping solution has left their customers like you frustrated with performance, support, and your futures.

No Control

As outdated technology, customers can’t modify on their own, requiring expensive service orders that take months to get implemented. Most configurations still need additional scripting on top of that, and nothing can extend across multiple sites or implementations. You don’t have time (or money) for that.

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  • Can't add carriers yourself
  • Can't manage your surcharges
  • Can't modify your own business rules
  • Can't update configurations, like capacity limits
  • Can't augment labels
Nothing worse than that sinking feeling when you know you can't do what you want to do with an old interface

No Support

Most of the customer support teams have been cut. You are feeling it! Combined with the requirement for your vendor to make modifications on behalf of you, there aren’t enough people at the company to service your needs. Most emails don’t even get a response. How can you rely on that as the heartbeat of your operations?

  • Non-responsive support
  • Slow service order completion
  • Poor customer satisfaction

No Coordination

Legacy systems like the one you are using are isolated and old. You are missing an end-to-end approach that coordinates other shipping jobs in service of eventual downstream shipping cost, speed, and accuracy. On top of that, your shipping data isn’t accessible or leveraged. No wonder your costs are high and customers frustrated.

  • Doesn't integrate across your systems
  • Is not internally integrated; fragmented components
  • No data leverage across network

Shipium modernizes your shipping operations

You have been conditioned that the limitations of your legacy are the reality. When you switch to Shipium, you will be surprised to realize what shipping tech in the modern age can do.

Own Your Technology

Take back control of your operations through a centralized console for all your outbound shipping. Shipium has over 100 features available for self-service, and customers are shocked how easy it is. What used to be expensive and long projects for the most trivial of things, like updating carrier capacity, is a task completed in seconds and immediately propagated across your fulfillment network.

More on how we give you control

  • Self-service UIs giving you full control
  • No external tech support or scripting required
  • Updates immediate propagate across your full network
Just one of hundreds of features available in Shipium's modern console

Enhance Your Existing Systems

Gartner's 2024 Report on Multi-Carrier Parcel Management Solutions noted this powerful point:

Most providers of ERP, transportation management systems (TMS), order management systems (OMS) and warehouse management systems (WMS) do not specialize in parcel capability. Rather, they partner with a noncompeting multicarrier parcel management solution (MCPMS) to support their customers. This leaves users with a gap in capability and need for a stand-alone solution.

More on the Gartner report

"Optimize and consolidate parcel shipments by using an MCPMS as a complementary solution to the TMS and/or WMS, ERP or OMS, or as a transportation solution for shippers that primarily use parcel as their mode of transportation."

Dramatic Cost Savings

New forms of efficiency and automation that you never had access to can signifigantly reduce costs to levels so high, you wouldn't believe it unless our customers verified it to you.

See how we save you money

  • 12% average parcel spend reduction across all customers
  • Independently proven via a third party analyst firm, Nucleus Research (get the report here)
  • As high as 24% reduction on shipments delivered in 3 days or less

The leading retailer saw “significant” cost savings after switching to Shipium.

Get the case study here

Data Leverage

After switching to Shipium, customers experience new insights and reports based on datasets that previously were gated across systems or simply not available. Shipium leverages that data to provide dynamic time-in-transit values, the defining unique capability that powers superior customer experience and reduced costs versus legacy technologies.

  • Platform-wide carrier data powers our algorithms
  • Access to unique analytics not found anywhere else
  • Export and data feeds for the modern operator

Product Performance

A centralized cloud product model gives customers modern performance they expect from other industries and should be standard for shipping technology, too.

  • Zero unplanned downtime in 2023
  • 99.1% on-time-delivery of all shipments during peak season
  • No variance on enterprise-grade API performance during peak

See how we provide statuses of our highly available environments

System Status

Integration time and cost

Switching to Shipium is both faster and cheaper than you think

The biggest reason companies continue to stick with their legacy systems is the perception that change will take several years and millions of dollars. Good news—switching to Shipium is the opposite.

"It was faster to replace [REDACTED] with Shipium than it was for them to add a second carrier."

— VP Operations at a real customer who asked to remain anonymous to protect the innocent and avoid their legal department

Integration process

The average integration time for legacy customers who switch to Shipium is 2 months per warehouse. Our team works very fast with an agile process that leans on flexible APIs.

The process is managed by a dedicated team with experience integrating with your existing systems. You will be assigned a team lead who ushers your integration through past go-live.

All customers get hypercare with every launch across every system. Your success is our most important priority.

More on the integration process

Project plan, kickoff, and updates
Account configuration
API integrations, testing, and results
Customer feedback, fine-tuning
Go Live!
Hypercare monitoring


Shipium integrates with all enterprise systems you already integrate into. Never worry about compatibility issues.

Credible success

Saks saw implementation into their WMS take about 2 months on average across all their warehouses.

How Saks integrated Shipium in about 2 months

Compare features and pricing: Shipium vs Typical Legacy Systems

  Typical Legacy System
Technology & Infrastructure Modern Operating Model = Flexible Legacy Tech = Inflexible
Product deployment model Multi-Tenant Cloud VM, Private Datacenter
Multi-tenant architecture
Cloud native / cloud agnostic
Backups and disaster recovery included
Carrier Network Core + Integrated Network + Data The Basics
Label and manifesting APIs
Single, pre-integrated carrier library
Add carriers via self-service console
Cost to add new carriers $0 $5,000
Workflow Management Modern Design, Gives You Control Nothing Included, Expensive to Change
Ratecard management via self-service console
Surcharge management via self-service console
Business rule management via self-service console
Carrier capacity and cost limit management via self-service console
Origin management via self-service console (e.g. setting carrier pickup times)
Setup and manage injection shipping (zone skipping) via self-service console
Self-service label augmentation capabilities
Tenant separation and management (3rd party accounts or brands)
3rd party billing via self-service console
Hot failover rules
Single sign-on and enterprise administration and security
Rate Shopping Gartner Stage 5 Maturity (The Highest) Barely the Basics
Virtualized carrier rating engines
Fully loaded rate shopping across all engines
Dynamic (real-time) time-in-transit date shopping
Managed carrier eligibility on your behalf (eliminates your burden to setup the basics)
Enterprise-grade speed and response of APIs
Proactive scaling up and down to handle seasonality volumes
Tracking At Parity At Parity
Track & Trace across carrier network
Webhooks or APIs
Normalization of status messaging across carriers
Export of statuses and events
Network performance reporting (carrier/origin)
Post-purchase estimated delivery dates
Data Leverage Unique Leverage to Improve Efficiency Legacy Tech with No Data Strategy
ML / AI data modeling (dynamic time in transit)
Aggregated carrier data across platform
Real-time predictive delivery dates (not carrier SLAs) for use during rate shopping
Reporting and analytics of your fulfillment network, including selection visibility / auditing
Company & Support Zero Customer Churn Non-Responsive after Acquisition
24/7 premium support included in subscription
In-house TransOps team managing macro conditions across network (surcharges, weather, delays, etc.)
Strategic Products Focused on Your Future Needs Zero Innovation or Growth
Network “what if?” simulations
Fulfillment order routing
Split reduction optimization
Pre-purchase estimated delivery dates
Package sizing API
Pricing & ROI Predictable, Great ROI Unpredictable, Poor ROI
Pricing Model Flat SaaS Subscription per Product License Fee + Maintenance Subscription
Professional service costs (support, custom work, etc.) $0
  • $5,000 per carrier added
  • $2,000 - $10,000 for any operational changes required, customers average several requests per year
  • $4,000 to get data exports or reports
Average parcel spend reduction across customers 12% < 1%
Average payback period < 1 Month > 1 Year

Want to see how Shipium works?

Schedule a demo. Our team is happy to answer any questions or provide you an example of our capabilities.