Make a promise you can keep,
then keep the promise that you made

Customers want a Prime-like experience. Retailers want strong margins.
Shipium is the missing piece that makes it all possible.

How the platform works

The most flexible way to profitably scale free and fast shipping

Integrate with APIs

Improve existing jobs or replace whole systems with Shipium's API-first approach to services.

Cost-based optimization

Optimize important fulfillment processes along the entire supply chain to reduce costs.

Automate decisions

Free yourself from the tyranny of static spreadsheets. Scale your operational decisions instead.

Keep your promises

Ensure consistent and delightful delivery experiences to increase conversion and improve loyalty.

Consumer Preferences Have Changed Over Time

Shoppers want things to be fast, cheap, and convenient. The industry leaders who have figured out how to do that are extending their lead.

of consumers expect a 2-day shipping option SurveyMonkey / Shipium 2020
of consumers expect a free shipping option SurveyMonkey / Shipium 2020
of consumers expect an accurate delivery date SurveyMonkey / Shipium 2020
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The Prime Problem

Providing a competitive customer experience backed by a superior delivery options is impossible with today’s tools and expensive if you build it yourself.

The Shipium Solution

We’re building a platform that bridges your existing frontend systems with backend operations in a way that reduces costs, empowers a competitive customer experience, and wrangles operational complexity.

  • Customer-centric
  • Cost-based optimizations
  • Real-time decision making
  • Modular API-first services
  • Stochastic modeling
  • Interoperable
  • Flexibility
  • Scalability

Inventory Placement

Place inventory as close to future customers as possible

You can only ship stuff from where it’s located. Smart ecommerce companies place inventory as close to probable buyers as possible to minimize cost and maximize speed.

How it works

  • Shipium works with your existing forecasting tools to recommend allocation optimized for delivery speed and cost.
  • Works with both owned fulfillment or 3PL networks.
  • Integrates with existing purchase order processes and systems.
  • Integrates with existing inventory systems.

Improve existing forecasts

Shipium takes your existing merchandising process and improves it by informing first allocation decision at the SKU level. Teams use the service to automate placement decisions as a final step of regular forecasting.

The best way to wrestle lead times

Smart allocation hinges on the management of complex and variable lead times throughout your system. Shipium Inventory Placement gives you the tools to organize all lead times which makes it easy to predict future distribution and transfer variability.

Delivery Promise

Make a competitive delivery promise you can keep

Customers are more likely to purchase if they know when they will get their order. Companies who promise faster or free shipping up front can improve their cart conversion rates as high as 12%.

How it works

  • Shipium algorithmically models delivery estimates based on several inputs, including fulfillment network, carrier methods, inventory, and parcel properties.
  • You make an API call to Shipium wherever you want to merchandise a delivery date—e.g., product detail pages or cart checkout workflow.
  • The service returns an estimated date which you display to the customer.

Increase cart conversion

Cart conversion rates go up between 6%-12% when an accurate delivery date is communicated to customers during the buying process. Immediately increase revenue with Delivery Promise.


Shipium's date estimation model is fine tuned to your unique business attributes. The logic is based on similar principles which power delivery projections at the largest retailers like Amazon, and shares a similar confidence variable.

High-touch yet light-weight

A simple one-time integration is all that's needed to produce live results. Our team is always available to help with installation.

The confidence to take credit for your innovations

With just two fulfillment centers, most retailers can provide 2-3 day shipping to 80%+ of the Lower 48 population, but they aren't confident to promise that to a customer. We help marketing teams take credit for operations' innovations, and merchandise those projected dates back to consumers.

Shipment Generation

Route orders across a complex nodal network

Ship the right products to the right customers from the right warehouse at the right time to minimize cost and hit your promises. Shipment Generation solves order routing's two hardest problems: complicated logical decision making, and harmonizing integration into all required systems.

How it works

  • Sits at the intersection of existing systems, like inventory management and transportation management.
  • Creates a "cart-level fulfillment plan" that manages all decisions for a given order across your network and systems.
  • Decides which SKUs should be shipped from which FCs based on cost-based optimizations that hit a specific delivery date promise.

Constrain on speed, optimize for cost

Shipment Generation is the glue that ties together all your systems so that a promise is kept by constraining decisions based on the speed required. But that's only half the puzzle: All decisions also need to be optimized for cost so you can profitably meet your promises.

Continuous cost-based decision making

Shipium Shipment Generation constantly looks at several factors to make the best decisions for an order, including:

  • Fulfillment cost (historical process cost at a building and current labor situation)
  • Shipping cost
  • Fully landed cost to transfer the inventory
  • Will this decision throw the network further out of balance which will lead to more cost later (predictive)?
  • Are you hitting labor constraints on the building for a small incremental cost savings?

Your shipping experience is your shopping experience

In a recent market study by KPMG, consumers ranked “Enhanced Delivery Options” as the second most important online attribute after “Best Price” among 12 factors. The impossible task for retailers is how do you keep your promise with competitive delivery options while also providing competitive pricing without going bankrupt? Shipium Shipment Generation is the core service that makes it possible.

Carrier Selection

Dynamically select the best shipping method

Outbound shipping is the highest expense on an ecommerce P&L. Selecting the right carrier method is the last—and most important—step to maximizing cost savings while ensuring a delivery promise is kept.

How it works

  • Immediately integrates with your existing carrier contracts.
  • Shipium can bring alternative carrier options to the table if you want to diversify.
  • Automatic shipment selection is based on rules you set up front.
  • Data collection from each selection will provide historical reporting on total costs saved, and future recommendations of better carrier options.

Save 1%-2% on outbound shipping

Arbitrage across multiple carriers and methods will save at least 1%-2% on outbound shipping costs. Savings scale with volume, making the service more valuable the more complex your situation.

Variation matters

There is no single best universal shipping rate. The fastest and cheapest rates are found by selection amongst several options, but managing that is hard to do. Skip assigning precious resources to build something yourself, and let Shipium handle the immense complexity.


The only way to effectively pick the best carrier option is in real-time. Don't rely on making monthly unilateral decisions by spreadsheet. This means speed is critical, as selection, which requires data processing across several integrated systems, must be done in 10 seconds or less. Shipium is built to handle these complex decisions at blazingly fast speeds.

Make $1 worth $2

Carrier Selection pairs well with Delivery Promise by ensuring the fastest date displayed to a customer matches the cheapest and fastest option available to you based on rules you set.

Getting Started

From idea to reality in a few easy steps

Calibrate your data model with historical shipping performance

Modern supply chains make accurate decisions in the face of difficult situations. Most of it depends on sophisticated data science. Shipium fine-tunes each customer's data model based on their historical shipping performance.

Configure your fulfillment network

The geography of where and how you fulfill orders factors into every Shipium service. It's a one-time setup with each FC, which makes adding future FCs easy.

Set up your carrier contracts

Shipium optimizes for your economy of scale, not ours. That means we work with your carrier contracts as a default, instead of forcing you to use aggregate deals we've negotiated with carriers. Carrier setup is a one-time step, and is easy to update as you change or add more carriers. The platform then takes care of real-time carrier updates, like weekly fuel surcharge changes.

Easy integration into existing systems and tools

Our API-first approach makes integration flexible and fast. Incorporate a Shipium service into the exact right step of your fulfillment process. Comprehensive documentation and assisted implementation makes integration easier than other options.

Want to see how Shipium works?

Schedule a demo. Our team is happy to answer any questions or provide you a example of our capabilities.