Shipium Recognized as Representative Vendor in the 2024 Gartner® Market Guide™ Learn More

Shipium Recognized in the 2024 Gartner® Market Guide™ for Multi-Carrier Parcel Management Solutions

This week Gartner just released their 2024 Market Guide for Multi-Carrier Parcel Management Solutions. The Market Guide provides an overview of market trends and industry vendors.

Our platform was recognized with a focus on our product Carrier Selection which handles rate shopping, label management, shipping operations, and several other features covered in the guide.

To start, the Market Guide provides a Strategic Planning Assumption on how much parcel volumes have grown year-over-year. The data is staggeringly big, and you should definitely read it. We believe this trend fits with our personal perspective that complexity is growing for modern operators. Basically, we see a parcel shipment as one of the most complex representations of operations. As parcel volume grows, complexity will as well. Modern operators need modern solutions to handle the complexity.

From there the Market Guide gives Recommendations and a list of Mandatory and Common features of technology in the Multi-carrier Parcel Management Solutions market. From our vantage point, Shipium offers modern versions of all features and functionality.

Readers receive an overview of solutions by segment. We believe we are Level 4, the highest level of complexity in a solution. You should read for yourself and reach out to the team to come to your own conclusion.

After some more market analysis, the Market Guide lays out a Rate Shopping Maturity model that advances through five stages. Each stage builds on the next, adding more and more modern capabilities. This is the most exciting part of the the report for us, because we believe that we have achieved a Stage 5: Predictive level of rate shopping. Here is a detailed example that explains in more depth how we use predictive time-in-transit models to rate shop with economy carrier service methods which don’t traditionally offer SLAs.

All told, we are thrilled that Shipium is recognized in the Gartner report. You can read more about it, including key findings and disclaimers, by visiting this resource.