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How Shipium centralizes control and streamlines configuration by bringing IT in-house

Never again be forced to rely on external help to setup, maintain, and optimize your shipping operations.

Self-service configuration

Manage your shipping ops from a central console

Shipium's Console gives you access to over 100 features and capabilities that you previously had to outsource to someone else.


Setup your account, or others if in a multi-tenant setting.


Setup rates for all carrier service methods.


Setup each origin with operating days, cut off times, etc.


Setup package types, sizes to be used during selection.


Set assessorial fees and discounts on top of our standards.

Zip-Zone Maps

We take care of all mappings for you.


Configure exceptions for other rules during shipping.

Volume Limits

Setup carrier capacity limits per-day and per-origin.


Configure zone skipping schemes to be used during selection.


Easily manage hazmat, limited quality, and other details.

Custom Groups

Create groups that can be used to customize rate shopping.

Label Augmentations

Setup (or ask us) custom ZPL to edit labels.

Logistyx requires outside help to do any of these jobs. “It's a frustrating experience relying on someone else.”

  • No self-service UIs to make changes yourself
  • No connection between fragmented products
  • You must repeat changes across all instances


Leaning on System Integrators means costs stack up quickly. Every time you need to make a change sounds like a cash register ringing.


Leaning on your company's IT team means you need to get in the queue. With staff layoffs happening everywhere, the wait for changes is long.


Leaning on Logistyx to help means filing a support ticket that lately isn't being responded to. After their acquisition, the support team has been cut.

Pre-integrated carrier network

Single, centralized carrier network means you can add new carriers in a single afternoon at no cost

"With Shipium, shippers get fast access to a diversified network of carriers."

— Scott Ruffin, Founder & CEO
Shipium is the network that carriers wish you used, as Logistyx is frustrating for them too.

Turn on new carriers

Every carrier service method can be turned on in a day, all that's needed are your rates.

Turn off carriers

Equally important are some situations where you need to immediately disable a carrier.

Surcharge upkeep

Our in-house TransOps team manages published and unpublished surcharges for you.

8 week SLA

We offer an 8-week SLA to integrate a new carrier or service not yet on the network.

Zero fees

Adding a new carrier or service is always free. There are no costs no matter what.

All inclusive

Every carrier type, geography, mode, or cost is treated the same way in our network.

Logistyx is a roll up of several old carrier networks which aren't integrated.

It takes months to add new carriers

And its not free. Any Logistyx customer looking to expand their carrier mix is met with expensive technical roadblocks that can't meet the needs of the business. System integrators are required.

Can't rate shop across the different libraries

Because the different carrier libraries were never merged after the roll up, if you use a carrier with one library and a carrier from a different library, you can't rate shop or date shop across them.

No surcharge help

Public and unpublished surcharges are not updated across the full Logistyx customer install base, which means you have to pay attention to surcharges. Shipium's in-house TransOps team does that for you.

Want to see how Shipium works?

Schedule a demo. Our team is happy to answer any questions or provide you an example of our capabilities.