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How Shipium makes it easy to switch from your legacy system in 2 months or less

The biggest reason companies stick with existing shipping tech is the perception of time and cost to move to a better solution. Shipium has proven the migration couldn’t be easier.

“Shipium has helped our talented team ensure our innovations on the operations side are carried through to technical execution.”

— Ahmed Elgammal, Vice President of Logistics & Supply Chain Planning

From kickoff to go-live in 2 months






Your motivation to migrate

Take back control

The inability to move quickly and own configurations or customizations is hurting your operations.

Move to the cloud

A cloud native solution that consolidates and centralizes systems with high availability performance is a priority.

Data leverage

Your current system does not give you access to the data you need to analyze and optimize your operations.

Reduce costs

Parcel spend for customers is reduced 12% on average with Shipium, a number your current system can not match.

Questions to ask yourself to determine if you’re ready to switch to Shipium


Did you have a bad peak season?

Outages, failed customer promises, and unexpected costs are viewed as your fault, but in reality it was due to your unreliable legacy technology. Avoid the same pain next season.


Is 12% of your shipping budget greater than $100,000?

Customers reduce their parcel spend by 12% on average. If that’s a really big number to you—we advise anything greater than $100,000—then the reason to prioritize a migration is clear.


Is improving customer experience important this year?

Shipium on-time-delivery during 2023 peak season was 99.1%. The majority of shipments shift to 3 day or faster delivery. We help companies keep promises to customers.


Are you ready to adopt the cloud?

An industry shift is underway with shipping tech, as smart modern companies are ditching cumbersome on-prem models for cloud native solutions. Do you value those benefits?

Integration process

Your migration journey is a managed experience that is accelerated and de-risked. We’ve never had a failed integration.

Dedicated Team

Every customer is assigned a dedicated implementation team consisting of project managers and engineers. This team will be with you throughout the process.

  • Dedicated assigned team lead who will be your point of contact throughout the process
  • Dedicated communication channels, such as email and Slack, available from kick off through hypercare
  • Team members are deeply technical and assigned based on past familiarity of your existing systems (for example your WMS) to help ensure maximum effectiveness


The process starts with a project plan presented during a kickoff meeting. The initial workstreams discussed during kickoff are split into two parallel paths.

Gather information
  • The team works with you to get all your carriers, rates, and shipping operations information and then sets it up for you in your new Shipium account.
  • Additional network information is gathered, such as all your origin points (warehouses, stores, etc.) and details like their operating days, carrier cut off times, and so forth.
  • The team provides guidance on where to get this information and offers templates to make the data gathering process streamlined and easy.
Process and data mapping
  • An important step in migrating from Logistyx is understanding the specific integration points within your existing systems (WMS, OMS, etc) that will make Shipium API calls.
  • Different customers have different workflows and thus might call Shipium at different moments from different systems, therefore our team works with you to identify integration points and required data for the integration.
  • This becomes the integration plan for setting up APIs.

API Integration

To facilitate the migration, technical teams manage a process of turning off Logistyx and integrating Shipium APIs into your existing systems. This is usually a System Integration partner a customer already has ready to do the work or internal IT teams, but it can also be a professional service provided by the WMS/OMS solution.

  • Shipium’s dedicated team will support your assigned resource
  • Engagements include sharing of API documentation, walking your technical resources through how the APIs work, and helping with data requirements
  • The team makes itself available for immediate correspondence so your technical resources are never waiting on Shipium for an answer


When ready, we help manage a testing phase which includes label certification and on-site printing. During this process we gather feedback from you and make any tweaks necessary.


The moment we have all been waiting for is usually uneventful, and that’s intentional. We strive for zero disruptions or issues so that most people don’t even realize the switch has been made.


Customers get a dedicated hypercare phase after go-live to ensure any remaining issues that popup are immediately dealt with.

On-Going Support

Our focus and dedication does not stop after a successful launch. We continue our support through a managed relationship.

  • Joint QBRs: Customers hold quarterly business reviews to understand performance and cost saving metrics, and provide us with feedback.
  • Trusted Advisor: Most customers begin to look to Shipium as a trusted advisor on other initiatives based on their success to date.
  • Enterprise SLAs: We keep our promises with customer support.

Ecosystem compatability

Shipium is compatible with all partners and systems you currently use today. Compatibility issues are de-risked in every way.


Your carrier network is supported by our carrier network. We are compatible and compliant with all national and regional carriers.

Platforms and Systems

Shipium is API based and can be integrated into any system, whether it be a WMS, OMS, TMS, ERP, POS, or storefront. We have successes across all major systems that you use today, and strong partnerships with the leading solutions in our industry.

Strategic Consultants and System Integrators

We have partnerships and integrations with the leading firms in our industry, ensuring a positive working relationship with the resources who would handle your integration.

Want to see how Shipium works?

Schedule a demo. Our team is happy to answer any questions or provide you an example of our capabilities.