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How Shipium improves rate shopping every step of the way

Customers turn to Shipium to make the carrier selection process easier, while improving shipping costs and delivery accuracy. Shipium is the modern approach that improves your legacy system.

Carrier selection process

Shipium's selection process is superior because it modernizes each step of traditional rate shopping

Eligibility Management

Package-level detail is important context that determines carrier and service eligibility.

Shipium automates all foundational criteria.

  • Automated ZIP-Zone mappings to determine carrier service areas
  • Package-level detail considerations with hazmat, LQ, max size and weight, and other conditions
  • Destination compatibility, like USPS for P.O. Boxes or APOs

But Shipium also offers tools for total configuration of eligibility specific to your business.

  • Self-service UI for custom business rules to include or exclude carriers based on an enormous amount of options
  • Self-service UI to manage carrier capacity limits
  • All criteria can be either managed in the self-service console, or stated as parameters at the API level, offering maximum flexibility

Legacy systems typically make them available, too.

  • Automated ZIP-Zone mappings to determine carrier service areas
  • Package-level detail considerations with hazmat, LQ, max size and weight, and other conditions
  • Destination compatibility, like USPS for P.O. Boxes or APOs

Meanwhile, most do not make it easy to tailor eligibility to fit your unique business needs. What about yours?

  • Business rules require others to script and install for you, and can't be easily propagated across multiple installations (origins).
  • Even basic things like carrier limits are out of your control to easily manage.
  • On top of no self-service UI, APIs are not as extensible to allow for maximum customization per call.

Desired Delivery Dates

Modern companies want to keep their promises to customers, which means hitting specific delivery dates. You probably do, too.

Shipium's unique approach improves speed and on-time-delivery.

  • Pass a date constraint, either a specific date or a business-days-of-transit SLA
  • Shipium uses powerful data science to evaluate dynamic time-in-transit values for all carriers
  • In-house TransOps team manages platform wide issues, such as weather delays

Legacy systems can only evaluate delivery dates by calculating static properties, such as carrier-provided SLAs.

  • No dynamic modeling of customer-wide transportation data
  • No real-time adjustments, like weather delays or facility issues
  • Difficult to quickly update details when necessary, like a change to carrier pickup times

Unified Rate Shopping

You need to evaluate rates across all carriers instantly without the need for messy integration work.

Shipium is a centralized carrier network providing unified rate shopping.

  • All available carriers are always within scope of a rate shop
  • Customers can set up complicated additions, such as injection shipping schemes, that can be considered during rate shopping
  • Rate shopping is done virtually in-memory making the process extremely fast, supporting millions of rating requests per week
  • In-house TransOps team manages both published and unpublished surcharges on behalf of customers, ensuring fully loaded rate shopping

Logistyx is a roll-up of carrier libraries that aren't integrated.

  • Customers are often caught in a situation where multiple carriers are in different libraries and unable to be rate shopped against each other
  • Any additional configurations, such as zone skipping, require outside help to set up for you
  • The need to stay up to date on published and unpublished surcharges means sometimes you aren't doing fully loaded rate shopping

Results: 10%-12% Parcel Spend Reduction

The average parcel spend reduction across all customers on the Shipium platform is between 10%-12%, which is a result of our modern approach to rate shopping. Legacy systems struggle to offer similar cost saving benefits.

Amazing performance

A carrier selection process that can keep up with enterprise performance expectations and SLAs.

< 200ms

Speed of rate shopping APIs


Unplanned downtime in 2023


Number of live integrations across all customers in 2023


API performance variance during 2023 peak season

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