Shipium Inventory Placement

Place inventory as close to future customers as possible

You can only ship stuff from where it’s located. Smart ecommerce companies place inventory as close to probable buyers as possible to minimize cost and maximize speed.

How it works

  • Shipium works with your existing forecasting tools to recommend allocation optimized for delivery speed and cost.
  • Works with both owned fulfillment or 3PL networks.
  • Integrates with existing purchase order processes and systems.
  • Integrates with existing inventory systems.

Improve existing forecasts

Shipium takes your existing merchandising process and improves it by informing first allocation decision at the SKU level. Teams use the service to automate placement decisions as a final step of regular forecasting.

The best way to wrestle lead times

Smart allocation hinges on the management of complex and variable lead times throughout your system. Shipium Inventory Placement gives you the tools to organize all lead times which makes it easy to predict future distribution and transfer variability.

Want to see how Shipium works?

Schedule a demo. Our team is happy to answer any questions or provide you an example of our capabilities.