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CDL Last Mile and Shipium Partner to Bring Fast and Flexible Delivery to the East Coast

The partnership brings CDL’s first-class logistics network to e-commerce shippers using Shipium’s modern platform

NEW YORK CITY, March 14, 2023 — CDL, the leading regional carrier servicing the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, today announced a partnership with Shipium, the premier shipping platform for e-commerce retailers.

CDL, headquartered in NYC, operates out of nine strategically located distribution centers with central sorting hubs located in Kearny, NJ and Glendale, NY. The firm has been servicing the region for nearly 70 years and offers coverage reaching over 50 million consumers every day.

Shipium is the leading e-commerce shipping platform for retailers and 3PLs. Customers turn to Shipium when fast, affordable, and on-time delivery becomes a business priority. The company was founded in 2019 by industry veterans from Amazon and Zulily.

While CDL has been a leading carrier partner for several decades, it has seen an uptick in customer interest the last several years as e-commerce has grown during the Covid-19 pandemic. Shippers are looking to diversify their network, turning to proven regional carriers to take on more volume. The major constraint for new CDL customers has been the legacy technologies that delay availability. By partnering with Shipium, customers can now turn on CDL in a matter of hours, not months, at all warehouses.

“Customers want CDL’s reliable service and competitive rates, but are constantly blocked by old technology,” said Michael Curcio, Vice President of Business Development at CDL. “We love working with Shipium because we have the confidence that our customers can tap into our network immediately. Everybody wins.”

Customers who use CDL and Shipium see incredible performance results related to cost, accuracy, and speed. Retailers on Shipium who diversified away from a single national carrier towards a mix of regional carriers including CDL saw their annual shipping costs reduced over 20% on average.

“Budgets are being crunched while customer experience is becoming a bigger priority. Shippers who move to regional carriers like CDL to diversify their volume will see dramatic cost improvements, while deliveries will be faster and more accurate which will make for happier customers,” said Jason Murray, CEO of Shipium. “We are excited to be the modern way to utilize such an important carrier partner like CDL.”


CDL is a leading regional parcel carrier in the United States, providing last-mile delivery solutions for brands across the Northeast. Founded in 1955, the company has built a reputation for fast, reliable, and cost-effective shipping services, delivering millions of packages each year to residential and commercial addresses. CDL’s state-of-the-art technology and extensive delivery network enable it to provide flexible and customizable shipping solutions that meet the unique needs of its customers. For more information, please visit


Shipium is the premium enterprise shipping platform for e-commerce. It coordinates previously disconnected steps of the supply chain to help improve delivery speed and accuracy, while reducing shipping costs 12% on average. Retailers turn to Shipium when they want to make a promise they can keep with accurate delivery dates, then keep the promise that they made with modern shipping software. Learn more at