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Passport and Shipium Partner to Help E-commerce Brands Reach Their Global Potential Faster

The partnership provides immediate international shipping capabilities to brands and retailers with a global audience

SEATTLE, March 7, 2023 — Passport, the leading international shipping carrier for e-commerce, today announced a partnership with Shipium, the premier e-commerce shipping platform.

Passport provides best-in-class international parcel logistics that help brands and retailers reach a global audience. The service blends high-touch customer service with modern technology that turns international shipping into an easy-to-use option for shippers. 

Shipium is the leading e-commerce shipping platform that helps brands and retailers ensure their deliveries are fast, on-time, and cost effective. The platform modernizes logistics for customers by taking on all the challenges brands and retailers face on their own when building on top of label printing APIs.

The partnership makes international shipping as close to turn-key as possible for brands and retailers. With Passport pre-integrated on Shipium’s platform, it’s a simple afternoon activity for a Passport customer to turn on services across their fulfillment network. No cumbersome professional services or expensive service orders are required to launching international shipping capabilities.

“We help brands and retailers seamlessly go live with international shipping by taking on the logistics and business burdens for customers,” said Alex Yancher, CEO and Co-founder of Passport. “But the shipping technology at fulfillment locations is an important step to the seamless experience. Shipium is the best technology partner at helping our customers get started as fast as possible.”

“The magic of e-commerce is anyone can be a customer. Brands and retailers need solution providers like Passport to reach their global audience,” said Jason Murray, CEO of Shipium. “We are excited to be the fastest way for Passport customers to get started through our pre-integrated platform.”


Founded in 2017, San Francisco-based Passport is an international shipping carrier built for e-commerce. Passport is used by leading brands like Caraway, Native Deodorants, Bombas, Seed, Ritual, Vegamour, and many more. The company manages all the complexities associated with international shipping so their brands can stay focused on making products that their customers love. At the same time, Passport offers end consumers door-to-door tracking and high-touch customer support on all packages being sent to more than 150 countries around the world. If you’re looking to grow your international shipping opportunities, be sure to contact our team to set up an exploratory call.


Shipium is a the premium enterprise shipping platform for e-commerce. It coordinates previously disconnected steps of the supply chain to help improve delivery speed and accuracy, while reducing shipping costs 12% on average. Retailers turn to Shipium when they want to make a promise they can keep with accurate delivery dates, then keep the promise that they made with modern shipping software. Learn more at