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Shipium and Grove Collective Partner to Modernize the Delivery Experience

Technology-driven supply chain and logistics company providing API-driven solutions to help Grove Collective improve shipping efficiency and speed

SEATTLE (October 11, 2021) - Shipium, the technology-driven supply chain and logistics company seeking to solve “the Prime problem,” today announced its partnership with Grove Collaborative, a delivery service for eco-friendly home essentials, to provide API-driven solutions to address supply chain use cases and optimization. The partnership was first established in April 2021, and within six months Shipium’s platform reduced Grove’s number of shipments experiencing errors from 15% to nearly zero. Grove’s partnership with Shipium has also allowed the company to accelerate their warehouse processing, resulting in a reduction of the pick and pack process time from 20 seconds to five seconds.

The Grove success story, including statistics and commentary from Robert Gash, VP of Operations Technology, can be found at

Grove, a certified B-Corp, creates and curates high-performing, planet-first products for household cleaning, personal care, clean beauty, and pets, which are found in millions of households across the country. As the company rapidly expanded, its operations were in need of optimization: reconciling contractual shipping rates and the actual costs was becoming difficult, and the warehouse technology was experiencing damaging regular downtimes and long dwell times, which delayed outbound shipping of orders. Shipium’s Carrier Selection product offered Grove the opportunity to improve stability and throughput, reduce costs, and streamline automation.

“The problems that Grove wanted to address made our Carrier Selection product the perfect solution for their needs,” said Jason Murray, Shipium CEO and co-founder. “Our platform’s APIs allow it to manage a variety of supply chain use cases, and for the order-level fulfillment decisions, carrier method selection, and label printing that Grove sought, Carrier Selection can help speed up those processes and automate selections.”

Shipium enabled Grove to reduce shipping costs, replace outdated technology, and test future operational updates. Reducing shipping costs requires sophisticated data modeling, calculating actual delivery speeds and costs based on historical performance. Carrier Selection managed these calculations, and combined with real-time rate card validation, this led to the elimination of shipping errors. Replacing label generation technology that was regularly experiencing downtime with Shipium’s platform enabled better uptime and minimized the impact on the fulfillment process, speeding up order packaging in the warehouses. Finally, Shipium also provided Grove with the ability to test future operational changes before they impacted production, which minimized technical downtime and maximized positive financial impact.

Shipium was developed by ex-Amazon and Zulily executives with the goal of helping e-commerce companies offer free and fast shipping, then keep their promise with world-class supply chain technology. Its API-first approach allows users to easily solve difficult operations problems, no matter the scale.

About Shipium

Shipium is a technology-driven supply chain and logistics company seeking to solve “the Prime problem” for companies facing heightened customer expectations. The company aims to help e-commerce companies ship their orders fast, free, and on-time better than anyone else by improving shipping decisions at fulfillment centers they run, which can reduce shipping costs over 2% and speed up estimated delivery by several days. Shipium provides the missing piece of technology that retailers need to meet changing consumer preferences while profitably scaling ecommerce operations.