Shipium Connects Retail Brands to Major Parcel Carriers in Days

Retailers and ecommerce businesses can diversify operations with multi-carrier shipping while lowering costs and increasing delivery speed


Seattle, WA, October 10, 2022– Shipium, the premier shipping platform for retail and ecommerce, is behind a growing trend in retail and ecommerce logistics operations; the ability to add multi-carrier parcel delivery. By doing so, retailers who use Shipium to automate and optimize their shipping network can reduce annual shipping costs by 12 percent while also implementing a fast two-day shipping program. Shipium makes it possible to add new major parcel carriers in just days. 

 Using modern API’s built to connect retailers to major carriers FedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS, the Shipium platform links customers with new carriers in days, and at no additional cost to the retailer. Unlike legacy transportation solutions installed on-premises that must be updated manually and take multiple quarters and tens of thousands of dollars to update, Shipium’s software is SaaS based and capable of updates in real-time. Savvy logistics operators turn to Shipium to modernize their shipping networks for speed, cost and ultimately, scale. 

“I’m amazed how difficult it is for retailers to add new carriers to their shipping operations, largely due to monolithic and inflexible transportation management systems in use today”, said Jason Murray, CEO of Shipium. “The cost savings, redundancy and real-time flexibility gained by using Shipium to add carriers, rate shop for the fastest and lowest cost delivery method means retailers can get up and running fast, and drive down costs by millions of dollars annually”. 

About Shipium

Shipium is the first technology platform built to unify the retail shipping and shopping experience. Our technology boosts retailer and ecommerce revenue by making fast, low-cost and clearly communicated shipping a competitive advantage. Engineered to help multi-billion dollar and digitally native businesses deliver faster, the Shipium Platform coordinates and optimizes hundreds of millions of shipping decisions for both speed and value automatically, freeing operations from the burden of  

Founded in 2019 by logistics technology experts from Amazon and Zulily, Shipium transforms how retailers do business. To learn more about how Shipium can help your ecommerce business control shipping cost and deliver a connected shopping experience, visit, or follow us on LInkedIn at Shipium.