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Shipium introduces Simulation to help customers see the impact of future changes

One customer uncovered $29.6 million in cost savings through the offering

SEATTLE, September 12, 2023 — Shipium, the enterprise shipping platform for modern operators, today announced the availability of their new product Simulation.

The scrutiny placed on making operational changes is as high as it’s ever been given the ongoing complications throughout the Covid-19 pandemic combined with increasing macroeconomic financial pressures. Leaders across enterprise operations and technology teams have a higher threshold to meet in order to justify making expensive and time-consuming changes to their physical networks.

Shipium Simulation addresses this challenging situation across industries by granting customers the ability to see the probable outcomes of future changes before requiring the hard and expensive work to make those changes. 

The new offering, which is generally available for use November 1st, has been trialed with select customers throughout 2023. One enterprise retailer utilized the product to identify $29.6 million in potential parcel spend reduction. The results are published in a publicly available case study.

Many existing technologies available to help companies achieve similar insights simply aren’t well-suited to the complex decisions required of modern operators: they are complicated to set up, don’t offer the types of customizations needed to provide a contextual result, and are basic static business logic. With Shipium Simulation, businesses on the platform can leverage Shipium’s unique machine learning algorithms applies to a rich set of configuration options. The secret ingredient to understanding the future is data science, and the Shipium platform provides best-in-class real-time transit models not found anywhere else.

To understand more and join the waitless for availability, please reach out to the team here.


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