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Shipium launches pre-integrated carrier network to power modern ecommerce shipping operations

The standalone product makes it easier for companies to get started with Shipium’s powerful platform


SEATTLE, August 8, 2023 — Shipium, the enterprise shipping platform for modern operators, today announced the availability of their pre-integrated carrier network.

Modern shipping operations need immediate access to the carriers and service methods that best compliment their business needs. Legacy technology makes onboarding of new carriers a lengthy and expensive process, typically requiring at least 6 months of implementation time costs companies as much as $50,000. What’s more, the process, time, and costs are duplicated for each shipping origin, like warehouses or stores, that the carrier plans to service.

Shipium’s Carrier Network exposes the set of pre-integrated carriers and service methods for immediate use to customers. Now, customers can get up and running with those carriers as quickly as a single afternoon.

Immediate access to carriers is a benefit Shipium has offered for several years through its Carrier Selection product, which modernizes shipping operations and rate shopping through an extensive suite of enterprise software consisting of hundreds of features and underpinned by industry leading machine learning and data science. However, often enterprise companies required a multi-year project to switch to Shipium, and many preferred to get started by simply switching out their existing carrier network to print labels and manifest with Shipium’s carrier network. That was impossible until today, where customers can now keep their existing shipping management system in place and start with using Shipium to print labels, manifest, and track shipments.

The network that carriers wish you used

The carriers and service methods available match the availability of other industry platforms. The unique different of Shipium’s Carrier Network comes from the testimonials of carriers themselves. Thirteen carriers have gone on the record attesting to the superior experience using Shipium’s network versus other options available to customer.

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