SmartKargo and Shipium Partner to Make 2-Day Package Delivery Available to All

SmartKargo, a leader in providing technology and logistics solutions to airlines globally, announced today a partnership with Shipium, the preferred shipping platform for e-commerce, to make 2-day delivery of small packages more accessible to retailers.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (PRWEB) January 4, 2023 — SmartKargo, a leader in providing technology and logistics solutions to airlines globally announced a partnership with Shipium, the preferred shipping platform for e-commerce retailers. 

SmartKargo partners with airlines to enable an alternate delivery network to established carriers like FedEx. The solution provides a reliable 2-day small package transportation option for e-commerce companies and small package shippers. SmartKargo’s unique partnership with a major US domestic airline enables shippers to offer great service with transparent pricing. Providing over 800 flights daily shippers across the US can move packages coast-to-coast in 2-days with no need to utilize multiple distribution centers in many instances. SmartKargo’s SaaS solution is now seamlessly integrated with Shipium, enabling retailers to provide fast air delivery of small packages to their customers by utilizing air transportation for the middle mile—increasing margins and meeting consumer expectations for 2-day delivery times. 

Shipium solves the retailer's challenge of quickly adding new carriers for e-commerce delivery. It’s an afternoon activity for retailers to add a new carrier, such as SmartKargo, to their fulfillment network once Shipium is integrated to all warehouses. High-volume retailers typically turn to Shipium when fast-moving business objectives make existing parcel shipping software solution an anchor to change. Shipium’s pre-integrated carrier network, which now includes SmartKargo, is available to all customers for free.

When partnered, progressive carriers like SmartKargo and modern technology solutions like Shipium help reduce shipping costs around 12% on average, and can be as high as 25% when retailers previously relied on a single carrier. 

Chris Grey, VP of Business Development at SmartKargo said: “Shipium is a perfect fit for our innovative solution combining fast delivery with transparent pricing. Both companies know that technology is the backbone for providing the fastest and most cost-effective e-commerce delivery options for forward-thinking retailers today.”

Jason Murray, CEO at Shipium, said: “SmartKargo is a fellow innovator, with a unique value proposition in the e-commerce delivery market, and we are pleased to partner with them to provide our retailers a highly value alternative delivery network. We can’t deliver the differentiated outcomes we offer without partners like SmartKargo.”

About Shipium

 Shipium is a multi-carrier parcel shipping suite seeking to solve "the Prime problem" for companies facing heightened customer expectations. The company aims to help e-commerce companies ship their orders fast, free, and on time better than anyone else. By improving supply chain decisions, retailers can reduce shipping costs by more than 12% and speed up estimated delivery by several days. Shipium provides the missing piece of technology that retailers need to meet changing consumer preferences while profitably scaling e-commerce operations.

About SmartKargo

SmartKargo empowers airlines and small package shippers with the technology platform to leverage the speed only an airline can provide. Whether a customer is a cargo company shipping from Miami to Bogota or a retailer is looking to combat "the Amazon effect” to deliver a package from New York to Los Angeles – SmartKargo is the innovative solution that enables both shippers to battle the status quo. With deep expertise in air cargo, technology, and e-commerce, SmartKargo helps airlines to open new revenue streams through e-commerce package shipping and delivery. The company headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with key offices in India, the Philippines, Brazil, and Canada.