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Veho and Shipium Partner to Reinvent the E-Commerce Delivery Experience

E-commerce brands to enjoy increased ROI by combining Shipium’s premium shipping software with Veho’s next-day delivery power

New York City — January 17, 2023Veho, the post-purchase experience company revolutionizing package delivery for the modern economy, today announced a partnership with Shipium, the premier shipping platform for e-commerce retailers. The partnership empowers e-commerce brands to improve the post-purchase experience for their customers by providing accurate delivery options at purchase and reliable, next-day delivery—all at a competitive price point.   

A recent McKinsey report found that 46% of consumers switched e-commerce brands during the pandemic in favor of lower prices or a better shipping experience. Veho and Shipium are laser-focused on improving the overall customer experience by making shipping cost-effective for brands and delivery seamless for customers. To do this, Shipium offers fast and accurate delivery promises during the buying experience, while Veho ensures consistent next-day delivery powered by its tech-powered logistics platform and marketplace of crowdsourced drivers. As the companies combine forces, Shipium customers using Veho can depend on affordable, next-day delivery promises. Veho customers will similarly enjoy discounted access to Shipium’s premium shipping software.

“Veho provides unmatched transparency, consistency, and performance with next-day delivery,” said Eric Swanson, Chief Commercial Officer at Veho. “By partnering with Shipium, Veho customers will be able to maximize these benefits and continue to drive customer lifetime value by offering a superior delivery and returns experience made for the age of e-commerce and enhanced by Shipium’s modern shipping software.”

When retailers turn to Veho and Shipium, the impact on their operations is unprecedented. Compared to companies using a single-sourced strategy, customers who use Shipium typically see the cost of shipments delivered in two days or less reduce by over 20%. At the same time, e-commerce brands working with Veho see a significant reduction in refunds related to delivery issues.

“Consumers want fast, free, and on-time delivery. Retailers will continue to struggle to provide this without turning to innovative delivery companies like Veho. We are excited to be the best way modern retailers can leverage Veho,” said Jason Murray, CEO of Shipium.

The partnership also underscores the fact that Veho and Shipium have emerged as leading innovators in the e-commerce logistics market. In 2022, Veho surpassed a $1.5B valuation, while Shipium has raised $38.7M in total funding since its inception in 2019.

About Veho

Veho is a post-purchase experience company. Through its tech-powered logistics platform Veho is revolutionizing package delivery for the modern economy. Veho powers fast, transparent and personalized next-day delivery and returns for e-commerce companies so they can increase customer satisfaction and drive customer lifetime value. Veho’s premium delivery experience is built on live customer communication, in-market warehouse locations and a dynamic marketplace to seamlessly match demand for deliveries with last-mile crowdsourced driver-partners. Veho provides e-commerce brands with an end-to-end, customer-centric solution that makes delivery their competitive edge. Learn more at

About Shipium

Shipium is a the premium shipping platform for ecommerce. It coordinates previously disconnected steps of the supply chain to help improve delivery speed and accuracy, while reducing shipping costs 12% on average. Retailers turn to Shipium when they want to make a promise they can keep with accurate delivery dates, then keep the promise that they made with modern shipping software. Learn more at