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UPS Partnership

Meet customer demands with UPS and Shipium

Shipium and UPS partner to bring scaled shipping operations to modern ecommerce companies through the only end-to-end platform for enterprise shippers

Shipium is the 2023 UPS Ready Inspire Award winner
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UPS Ready® Certified

Shipium is a trusted UPS Ready® certified partner for high volume shippers

We are the first enterprise technology platform to be certified in under 5 years since being founded. UPS views Shipium as a trusted technology partner, pioneering the shipping industry transformation to cloud based solutions.

Millions of Shipments

Shipium processes millions of annual UPS domestic and international shipments through our platform, with companies as small as startups to as large as Fortune 500 retailers. UPS trusts Shipium to handle the shipments of their most important customers.

Happy Customers

Shipium helps shippers make a promise they can keep with pre-purchase estimated delivery dates, then keep the promise that they made with coordinated shipping execution. Promises are kept with Shipium, as we helped create a 99.1% on-time-delivery result during 2023 peak season.

Latest and Greatest

As a UPS Ready Program partner, all UPS functionality is accessible through Shipium APIs. We work closely with UPS to ensure prioritized access to the best performing UPS technology, including new APIs, resulting in the best modern performance of our customers.

Supported Services

Expansive coverage of esssential UPS services for shippers of all sizes

  • Over 25 Services
  • UPS Domestic
  • UPS International
  • UPS Mail Innovations

Full functionality for all included UPS services available via Shipium APIs

  • Rating
  • Label Generation
  • Manifesting
  • Tracking
  • Customs
  • Address Validation
  • Batch Shipping

Getting started

Setting up UPS with Shipium is as easy as it gets in the shipping industry

Setting up UPS as a Shipium customer

Adding UPS to your network is an afternoon activity

Secure a business contract between you and UPS

Shipium does not resell UPS contracts or stand in the way of you and your relationship with them. Instead, we invite customers to bring their own contracts, which will be better optimized for their network and shipping profiles.

How to secure a new carrier

Check out our Playbook entry on on the different ways to source a new carrier and secure a business contract.

Upload the contract to your account

Customers have access to self-service tools to adding a new UPS contract and rates to their account. Those who choose to do it themselves can get the process done quickly.

UPS Rates Configuration

Or work with our support team

We are always happy to help. For customers who prefer, simply send over the new contract to our support team and we will get everything set up for you in no time.

Free dedicated support.
It couldn't be easier.

Flip a switch

With the UPS service methods ready to go, adding it to your Shipium network is easy. Unlike legacy on-premises technology, our centralized cloud model means as soon as the contract is uploaded and its properties are configured, that UPS immediately available for consideration across all installed locations, such as your warehouses and stores.

  • UPS immediately propagates to all of your locations using Shipium
  • All logic immediately adjusts to consider UPS when eligible
  • Continual further configurations available to manage UPS role out availability

Setting up Shipium as a UPS customer

Switch to Shipium to modernize your shipping operations

"It was faster to rip out Logistyx and replace with Shipium than it was for Logistyx to add UPS as a carrier." An actual VP Operations and happy Shipium customer. If this sounds like you, you're ready to switch.

Reach out to our team

We are happy to help guide you through the evaluation process to determine if switching to Shipium makes sense. Reach out today to schedule a conversation.

Want to see how Shipium works?

Schedule a demo. Our team is happy to answer any questions or provide you an example of our capabilities.