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Shipium Given 2023 UPS Ready Inspire Award

Big news to share: Shipium was recently given the 2023 UPS Ready Inspire Award.

This award is given to the UPS Ready partner who best exemplifies a technical rigor and professional approach to the UPS Ready program. UPS was very happy to award it to us and we were very happy to receive it.

Shipium is UPS Ready certified, and is the youngest ever enterprise tech platform to do so. We were able to earn the trust with the UPS commercial teams, validate our technical performance for enterprise shippers, and verify our security and compliance bonafides in order to secure the authorization and trust of UPS.

This provides unique benefit to our customers. Shipium has access to the latest and greatest APIs and technology from UPS, which ensures our ability to delivery on our promise of being the most modern and most performant enterprise platform available. UPS customers can trust we are their path to modernization.

Learn more about our UPS relationship.

Trusted partner

UPS now looks to Shipium as a premier enterprise shipping platform partner.

The reasons are clear and consistent with how we have approached the industry since 2019.

When we integrate into a carrier, it's done forever. Customers now and in the future can turn on a new carrier in a single afternoon. 

The secret sauce isn't just in the quality of our API integrations. It's because of our commitment to helping customers manage and scale their end-to-end shipping operations. In the case of carriers, when we do the integration with a carrier we are also modeling out the contract structure so it can be virtualized going forward. The result? Customers can rate shop in-memory for blazing fast enterprise speed. It also allows us to do fully loaded rate shopping, which separates us from how every other modern solution in the space approaches the problem.

There are a lot of other awesome perks to how we help customers use our pre-integrated carrier network:

  • Features like carrier volume limits make it easy to quickly change capacity constraints per carrier, per day, per origin, per everything.
  • Our universal rules engine means that customers can set up their own logic on top of ours, and quickly extend it to everything. Every origin, every carrier, every condition, every everything.
  • Our carrier monitoring means we know when a carrier is having technical difficulties, and we immediately route volume to other options to avoid backlogs and downstream issues. We also allow for hot-failover, which customers love.
  • And over 100 more features, many available in our self-service web console which eliminates the need for external IT to help you manage your shipping operations.

Are you frustrated with your current shipping technology? You're not alone if so. Shipium helped our customers achieve 99.1% OTD during 2023 peak season while helping customers reduce shipping costs an average of 12%. There is a better way.

If you think we can help, schedule a demo today.