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Better Together

Unify Your Supply Chain and Customer Experience

Modern enterprises turn to Shipium to improve their customer experience by coordinating shipping operations across Blue Yonder’s suite of products from Commerce, WMS and TMS

Intelligent shipping

Connect the two industry leaders for the only end-to-end solution in the industry to optimize shipping for a great customer experience—all while optimizing costs

Customer confidence

Shipium and Blue Yonder Commerce delivery promises see an average conversion increase over 4% with a tightly integrated omni-channel partnership.

Cost efficiency

In their first year, Shipium and Blue Yonder customers see an average parcel spend reduction over 12% through improved rate shopping.


Quickly adapt your operations to rapid business changes through self-service technology and unrivaled configurability that doesn't require external IT support.

Enterprise performance

Shipium's modern tech stack with Blue Yonder’s enterprise experience and composable approach can provide customers the highest quality shipping tech performance.

Actionable AI

Shipium's dynamic time-in-transit model helps optimize the cost of omnichannel without sacrificing customer experience


Leverage your data by using it to inform more accurate estimated delivery dates on your website. Our microservices architecture means extremely accurate calculations can be leveraged across Blue Yonder to support use cases at the Commerce, WMS, and TMS levels.


Shipium customers saw a 99.1% on-time-delivery result during the 2023 peak season, resulting in happy consumers and even happier operators. This complemented an astounding 18% shipping spend reduction during the same period by leveraging Shipium's Intelligent Downgrades capability, while still hitting those delivery promises.

Blue Yonder Commerce Blue Yonder Warehouse Management Blue Yonder Transportation Management Dynamic Time-in-Transit Model • Powered by AI + ML Shipping Operations Platform

Integration time and cost

Switching to Shipium is both faster and cheaper than you think

The biggest reason companies continue to stick with their legacy systems is the perception that change will take several years and millions of dollars. Good news—switching to Shipium is the opposite.

"It was faster to replace [REDACTED] with Shipium than it was for them to add a second carrier."

— VP Operations at a real customer who asked to remain anonymous to protect the innocent and avoid their legal department

Integration process

The average integration time for legacy customers who switch to Shipium is 2 months per warehouse. Our team works very fast with an agile process that leans on flexible APIs.

The process is managed by a dedicated team with experience integrating with your existing systems. You will be assigned a team lead who ushers your integration through past go-live.

All customers get hypercare with every launch across every system. Your success is our most important priority.

More on the integration process

Project plan, kickoff, and updates
Account configuration
API integrations, testing, and results
Customer feedback, fine-tuning
Go Live!
Hypercare monitoring
Pre-integrated carrier network

Over 99.2% of all domestic parcel shipments are delivered by carriers in our pre-integrated network

We've got you covered

Shipium powers the multi-carrier strategies and day-to-day shipping operations of enterprise retailers, tech-forward 3PLs, and up-and-coming brands. You can trust that the carriers you need are available on our network.

And free integration when we don't

When a customer requires a new carrier or service not yet available, we integrate it for free. Zero hidden costs, zero complications, zero risk. Our integration roadmap typically has an 8-week SLA for availability.

Adding new carriers is an afternoon activity

Pre-integrated carriers can be turned on (or off) in a single afternoon. We automate ZIP-Zone mappings, set surcharges, and virtualize the contract for you.

  • All national carriers
  • Essential regional carriers
  • Disruptive new carriers
  • Hundreds of service methods combined to de-risk your network

Want to see how Shipium works?

Schedule a demo. Our team is happy to answer any questions or provide you an example of our capabilities.