Shipium Partners With Blue Yonder To Drive Better, More Accurate Delivery Dates to Consumers

Combining Shipium’s shipping optimization with Blue Yonder intelligent decisioning solutions offers joint customers improvements in shipping costs, delivery speed and consumer experience

SEATTLE, May 6, 2024 — Shipium, the leading shipping platform for enterprise shippers and logistics service providers, today announced a partnership with Blue Yonder, a leader in digital supply chain transformations. Through the partnership, Shipium and Blue Yonder will improve their joint customers’ shipping operations, performance and consumer experience.

Retailers can optimize their shipping performance by adding Shipium’s suite of APIs to Blue Yonder Omni-Channel Commerce and Supply Chain Execution solutions. The partnership pairs Shipium’s artificial intelligence (AI)-powered dynamic time-in-transit models with Blue Yonder’s real-time inventory availability and intelligent fulfillment sourcing and pre-sourcing solutions. As a result, joint customers will not only be able to optimize fulfillment by cost, location, speed, and margins, but also will be able to provide industry leading accuracy and delivery commitments to consumers.  

“Coordinating specific shipping use cases across existing systems is the only way to drive lower costs and happier customers, which is the top benefit of our partnership with Blue Yonder,” said Jason Murray, CEO and co-founder of Shipium. “Blue Yonder is the leading provider of supply chain solutions trusted by shippers and logistic service providers across the globe, so we are honored to be partnering with them.” 

Consumers have options, so an accurate and fast delivery promise helps drive growth and loyalty. Shipium customers see an increase in cart conversion around 4% on average. 

Impacting positive growth isn’t enough for corporate success, however. Costs must be managed, too. The good news is customers saw an average parcel spend reduction around 12% when using Shipium. Shipping speed and accuracy go up, while costs go down—it’s truly a breakthrough innovation for the industry.

“Increased competition for share of wallet combined with customers increasing expectations for purchase choices and accurate, speedy delivery are forcing companies to meet these demands with new and modern technologies” said Kevin Reese, corporate vice president, Commerce, Blue Yonder. “Blue Yonder's intelligent decisioning and deep supply chain execution expertise coupled with Shipium’s platform, means retailers can improve their business by increasing conversion, providing accurate delivery dates, optimizing fulfillment and shipping costs, and improving delivery speed and accuracy.”

To learn more, visit or schedule time to meet Shipium at the upcoming Blue Yonder ICON May 13-16 in Dallas. At the premiere supply chain conference, Shipium will be available for demonstrations and examples of its current customers achieving incredible success.

About Shipium

Shipium is an end-to-end shipping platform for modern operators. The platform improves shipping speed and on-time-delivery by coordinating previously disconnected steps of the supply chain through an API-first platform integrated into Blue Yonder solutions, like Commerce, Warehouse Management and Transportation Management. Founded by the same team who created Amazon's shipping stack, customers experience the same enterprise-grade performance from estimated delivery dates on the website down to shipment execution at the warehouse. Visit for more information.