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Mike Merwin / Updated August 26, 2022

3 strategies retailers can deploy to be recession proof

Shipium CEO Jason Murray spoke with the team at Supply Chain Brain during NRF 360 to talk about a subject that's on every retail and ecommerce leaders mind at the moment, how retail can survive during an economic downturn. 
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Jason Murray / Updated July 14, 2022

How Amazon Won During the 2008 Economic Downturn, And Why You Can Too

The downturn is real and it’s going to get worse before it gets better.
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Jason Murray / Updated July 11, 2022

Shipium: Fast, Free & On-Time Delivery (For Less) Helps Retail Win

Customers don’t care about your single carrier relationship or superior rate negotiation skills, they want their items fast, free, and on-time. It’s your job as a modern operator to put their needs and desires first and use the best carrier for the job, not just the one you are locked into. I learned the value of this lesson in the early 2000’s when helping Amazon switch from solo dependency on UPS to utilizing a multi-carrier mix to drive shipping speed and cost improvements.
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Mike Merwin / Updated June 16, 2022

Shipium Adds Data Science, Logistics & Sales Leaders to Growing Team

Seattle, WA., June 16, 2022 – Shipium, the first fulfillment technology platform for retail and e-commerce, announced three leadership additions to the Shipium team across product, sales, and technical implementation teams. Joining the company are Shilpa Tiwari, VP of Engineering and Data Science; Jason Kerner, Senior VP of Sales Engineering; and Brian Thom, VP of Sales. These new hires follow Shipium’s exciting $27.5M Series A fundraising event, the largest in the logistics software industry to date. 
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Mike Merwin / Updated May 27, 2022

10 Retail Data Points that Highlight the Value of Fast Shipping

We’re constantly pouring over the latest data and research within the retail, e-commerce and logistics industries, looking for great nuggets and interesting trends. Much of the research that caught our eye between 2019-2022 focused in on how to help retailers maximize the efficiency of online shopping, by curbing cart abandonment.  When digging into this information, there's a clear correlation between how often online shoppers abandon items before purchase, and their desire to receive free or fast shipping. For retailers making the shipping experience a key part of the shopping experience is a simple and effective way to boost online purchases. Here are ten key stats that reinforce this idea.
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Mike Merwin / Updated May 20, 2022

Shipium News Brief, Top E-commerce, Retail and Logistics Posts

Here are a few top stories we're reading this week from the world of e-commerce, retail, and logistics.
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Kris Gösser / Updated May 9, 2022

Podcast: Operations is the other half of the e-commerce brain

When Amazon launched their Buy With Prime offering late April 2022, our friends at FutureCommerce asked me to hop on the podcast to share what Shipium thought of the announcement. With the industry focused on the one-click-checkout war, I proposed a different take: This was a very big deal to tech-forward 3PLs who compete against Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA).
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Jason Murray / Updated May 2, 2022

How Retailers Can Win Back Leverage in the Great Carrier War

Consider a three-sided relationship between retailers, carriers, and technology providers.
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Jason Murray / Updated April 14, 2022

Announcing our $27.5M funding: The largest Series A in logistics software history

Today we are announcing some historical news. Our latest funding round, a $27.5M Series A led by Insight Partners, is the largest venture-backed Series A in logistics SaaS history.
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Jason Murray / Updated February 14, 2022

Supply Chain Technology and Retail Technology are Merging

The NRF Big Show in NYC was an interesting experience. While attendance was obviously down due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the spirit was still there, and intelligence could still be gathered. In particular, buzz around sessions, speakers, and overall floor conversations can tell you a lot about where the industry of Retail Technology is going.
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