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Jason Murray / Updated February 24, 2021

Complete Ecommerce Supply Chain Guide [Updated 2021]

In this article you’re going to learn how to structure a modern ecommerce supply chain with a focus on the customer. We wrote it in digestible chunks making it easy to see how it all connects. Textbooks are for MBA courses and five-paragraph blog posts aren’t useful. This guide will thread the needle with comprehensive yet condensed insight you won’t want to miss.
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Jason Murray / Updated February 11, 2021

Constrain on speed, optimize for cost

Ecommerce fulfillment is ultimately a collection of decisions being made. Some are made simultaneously while others are made sequentially. Almost all are logical decisions. If you want to improve your ecommerce fulfillment process, you need to make better decisions. But what constitutes a "better" decision?
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Jason Murray / Updated November 26, 2020

Talking the Magic of Logistics on the Future Commerce Podcast

Sometimes it seems like the behemoths of Amazon and Walmart are using black magic to promote free and fast shipping. But it's not magic. It's mostly sophisticated software combined with learned principles.
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Jason Murray / Updated September 24, 2020

How Ecommerce Profitably Scales in 2020 and Beyond

Over the last 12 months, we've had the chance to speak with hundreds of smart people working hard in the ecommerce industry (514, to be exact). We spoke to industry veterans like Arthur Valdez, Jr. Target's Chief Supply Chain Officer and jammed with founders of rising DTC brands who are thinking about fulfillment in a modern way like Woody Hambrecht of Haus. The full spectrum, each as engaging and hard working as the other. Patterns emerged that we could see with increasing clarity. I want to share these observations with you.
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Jason Murray / Updated June 16, 2020

Want a Path to Profitability? Focus on Your Supply Chain

DTC and ecommerce companies can dramatically improve their businesses by understanding how their supply chains impact customer experiences in a way that determines winners and losers.
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Jason Murray / Updated June 9, 2020

4 Cost Savings Tips for Ecommerce Supply Chains

The continual reduction of costs in the supply chain is a top priority for supply chain managers. The trick is think of it less as a cost cutting exercise and more as a strategic job: the funds being saved should propel differentiation, like free shipping or loyalty programs, which in turn open up new cost cutting opportunities.
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Kris Gösser / Updated May 4, 2020

Study shows consumer preferences amid pandemic [2020 Survey]

A little over a week ago we ran a study in conjunction with SurveyMonkey across US residents to understand how the pandemic has impacted online shopping behavior.
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Jason Murray / Updated April 28, 2020

40 Ecommerce Supply Chain Analytics [Updated for 2020]

Today you are going to learn which analytics and metrics matter for ecommerce supply chains. This resource is different from anything else you’ll find because our goal is to list and talk through lots of examples. Few resources out there extend beyond a bland definition of analytics. The guide will be especially interesting to ecommerce professionals because the list is sourced from veterans of Amazon and Zulily, pulling from their experience of measuring the things that mattered.
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Jason Murray / Updated March 20, 2020

Top 6 Principles of a Modern Supply Chain

While not the primary concern relative to the health and safety of family and colleagues, one perspective all professionals should take soon is an evaluation of how to adjust to future realities. The world will return to normal at some point soon and we will all get back to thinking about our customers, partners and businesses. Major moments of uncertainty and volatility are often the best of times to think about your business and develop plans for when normalcy returns. Focus on stepwise improvements while the going is tough, so when things turn around, the tough can get going stronger than before.
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Jason Murray / Updated March 12, 2020

Delivery Experience Will Determine Future Winners

Traditional ecommerce customer experience priorities, like browsing products or talking to customer service, don’t include the idea of delivery experience. The notion of delivery being a part of the buying experience was conceptual but never real because it was hard to measure, which meant it was hard to improve, which meant it was hard to market to customers. So why care about it?
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